One more Spark based thermostat - Sparkostat

This is a somewhat simple thermostat with a touchscreen and rotary encoder. I’m focused more on the smart part of it by allowing room for creativity. It’s not complete but has some good code to start, with forecast reading, remote interface and a user interface. Pics and info are on my page. Once I get the second PCB and make changes to accommodate it, I’ll post it up on github.

Sparkostat page


This is really cool! Coupled with a toaster oven, this will make for a great solder reflow oven interface!



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Very nice project. Looks like a lot of thought went into it. I like the use of spark variables.

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Thanks @mtnscott. Yeah, limitless variables. I originally was packing bits into the results for everything to get extra speed, but adding the string results gets a lot more out in 1 request. Thanks for adding the ILI9341 library. I’m definitely going to switch to that.

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