Review past communication from a device?


Is there anyway to see past communication with a device? For example, a product I am working on can send error codes up to the cloud to signal that something went wrong. I also have a means of clearing that error(s). What I wanted to know though is if the device had this error, a week ago, or a multiple errors over several days, is there a way to look back at communication with the particle cloud and see these errors by looking at past communication?


You would need to store the events on your own server or cloud service.

The Particle event stream is real-time and there is no storage of any events, with two exceptions:

  • If your event triggers a webhook, the last 10 webhook triggers are stored for troubleshooting purposes.
  • On the Tracker, if you have location storage enabled, though events are stored in a separate database used only for location data.

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