Retrieve Old Cloud Messages

I have a program running on an Electron. The program publishes a short heartbeat message to the cloud every 30 minutes. The system stopped working a few hours ago and it is located a couple of hours away.

Is there a way I can retrieve the last (say) 24 hours of Particle messages sent by that Electron?

Thanks in advance for any help.

How were the messages sent to the cloud? Publishes, Functions, Variables? But I don’t think it matters. Publishes only live for a few seconds and if they aren’t caught at that time, they are lost. There’s no way to retrieve those old publishes unless they were sent to a 3rd-party service that deals with historical data such as Losant, Ubidots, Papertrail, etc…

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And from the docs here:
“For the time being there exists no way to access a previously published but TTL-unexpired event.”