IFTTT recipe that catches ALL publishes from a device

This is the error that I am getting on some of my IFTTT recipes.

As you can see, some recipes work fine but others do not. For example, the Pemba003 device recipes: one works and one doesn’t.

Here’s the recipe that works:

And here’s the one that doesn’t:

Any ideas why one works and one doesn’t?


I found out what the difference was that made one applet work and the other not work. The one that wasn’t working had no text entered in the Event Name text box. This appears to break the IFTTT recipe:

So, I have changed the title of my question given this new information.

How do we catch ALL publishes from a device using IFTTT? Do we really have to create a separate recipe for each and every possible event name string that could theoretically be published by a device?

Given a publish event name length of 12, that would be 3226266762397899821056 recipes. I don’t think I have the time to do that…