Particle historical data from cloud


I am rather new to Particle community and to particle cloud. Is there a way to retrieve the historical values of variables passed to cloud ? How it can be done?

No, currently there is not.
And for Particle.variable()s there won’t be either, since these variables are not pushed to the cloud from the device, but only retrieved via the cloud on request.
For Particle.publish() this is a different story. These are - as the name suggests - actively published to the cloud and there also is a TTL (time to live) parameter which is currently not doing anything, but might be in future.

The common way to keep historic data currently is to store them in a third party “database”.

If you search for “graph” or “database”, you’ll find several providers like Google Docs, MS Azure, Ubidots, Xively, …

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Variables aren’t actually pushed to the cloud. When requesting a variable, the cloud will contact the device, query the variable, and return it to you. As such, there is only interaction when you instruct it to do so.
Currently there’s no historical data being logged on the cloud, though it’s planned for the future. There are a number of 3th party services you can easily interact with using the various libraries or http(s) calls. Webhooks are another option.
What exactly are you planning on doing, perhaps we can advise?

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Thanks for clarification. I was planning tu use data of asset tracker to show the historical position of the device probably using the google maps api…