[SOLVED]History of values with and without wifi

Hi member of Particle :smile:

Does Particle Cloud have a system of history of values ? If I want to do a table with some values over the past weeks, can I take the values from the Cloud weeks after sending them ?
If the Photon isn’t connected to the internet for a week, is there a way for saving the values inside the Photon ?

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There is no history of values in the Particle cloud as such, but there are several threads in this forum that deal with third party services (e.g. search for Google Drive, Azure, Xively, … - and Particles own paid Dashboard service).
Have a look in the docs at Particle.publish() and webhooks.
You can also run against your own server via TCPClient/HTTPClient.
For on-board storage have a look at the docs EEPROM or the SD card library.

Thanks, I think I’ll take an external storage for those datas. Thanks :smile: