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When you are on the console page for the device:{your id}

and I see a list of historical events (since this page was last requested).

I think it might be better if you didn’t wipe that data when I switch to look at vitals or health check, because I cant re-retrieve those records, I can only wait for new messages. That historical data (since I have been to this last request) should still be in memory, right?

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It’s a good idea, but not really possible given the architecture. I mean the historical data could be stored in browser local storage, but it’s also would be a little weird because you’d lose all of the events that occur while you were on a different page. Since the events are not stored anywhere in the cloud, you can only get events as they occur. But when you navigate out of the events tab in your browser, the server-sent-events listener is disconnected, so all of the events that occur after that would be lost.

The best option now is to just leave the events window open in a separate tab. You can have multiple console windows open in a single account in different browser tabs.

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There have been many a times when I wish the console or better the cloud did retain events. I understand that the amount of data comming in might be a lot of storage to handle but maybe have it as an opt in option or a means to attach a device to an external events storage cloud maybe (I know we could implement something ourselves but “Can’t somebody else do it?” (Simpsons Sanitation officer episode)).

It would then also be useful if you could replay those events for testing.

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