Restful iOS Control App sharing

Hello , I build a simple free Restful iOS App for Spark Device.
Hope it can help many people without coding any restful server.
Just focus on Spark’s code. Integrated with Spark Cloud.
Use your Spark Cloud Account send control action directly without setting access token by your own.
Automatically get your all Spark Core,access token. Easily send function,args to do action.
I also need feedback to add more feature to this App.

(By the way, this App will not record,send any account/password to other, safe to use)

Spark Restful iOS


Hi Peter
Thanks for your hard work developing this app. It would be very useful for me who is intimidated by web side of things but I am sure I am in minority.
The app, however, didn’t work for me. After login, it listed my online cores alright. It took me a minute to figure out that which result was tappable. May be you can consider making it easy to stand out. In the next screen, I inputted the function name and under args ‘access_token = my_access_token’. The request kept failing with a timeout error.
Regarding feature request, it would be nice to save/load requests. Also I am not sure how can I make a GET request in the app? If that’s not a feature in current version, it could be a nice add-on for next release.

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thanks for reply.
I found this issue now.
This App currently support Send Action now. So the GET Request will response fail now.“deviceID”/“func” // Because I just use this API now,I should detect User’s action to choose. It will fix in the next App version.
Because of not predefine function name in your Spark’s code, and this API need function name to work. Or Server will send error.

But you can use trick to use it now. By adding function name in your code. It should work.
For example:

int temp(String args)  // your send args
  int number=args.toInt();
  return number;  // return value, response to you.
void setup() {
  Spark.function("temp", temp);  // predefine function name

I will add more feature as soon as possible. Little busy now.
Thank you for feedback.

The App is now available in Github. Update faster than AppStore version.