[RESOLVED]Web IDE - not verifying/compiling!


Am suffering from the following whilst trying to verify an application:

“The server has failed to process the request on time. Please try again.”

As this was a new program, I loaded the Tinker example, same issue…



Problem is with v0.6.0.rc2 firmware; v0.5.2 works…


That seems to keep happening regularly now - I’ve paged Particle again


Thanks @ScruffR. They don’t call it “bleeding edge” for nothing!


This might be a side effect of releasing 0.5.3 to be the new default - although I’ve not seen the Release Update Thread updated yet :wink:


Not sure if there is a clue here or not, but it seems that this problems occurs on a Saturday night (my time)…


@UMD sorry for this downtime. We’ve identified the problem and everything should work now!

@ScruffR this time it was a different problem. Each time we’re fixing the edge case so it won’t happen again :wink:


@suda, confirmed - case closed with thanks.