[RESOLVED] Use Electron w/o Activating Cellular

Mod edit (@harrisonhjones): Resolution: Used po-util to upgrade the system firmware and now it works

I’ve got a brand new Electron 3G out of the box. Installed the SIM card, but did not activate it yet. Wanted to see if I could load software onto it and test some firmware without worrying about connectivity before activating the cellular plan. I have been able to load firmware over USB in DFU mode, but even if I put SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL); in my sketch at the top, the unit still seems to drop into a Blinking Blue state (Listening Mode). Is that normal / expected behavior? Is there a means for me to do testing before activating the SIM card?

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After using po-util to run po electron upgrade to install the latest and greatest system firmware via DFU it seems to be OK. False alarm :slight_smile: