[resolved] Empty list of devices using "spark.js" and local server

I’m using a local cloud server - and it works fine with the cli. With the (cli) command “spark list” I get a list of devices (1 is currently online and 1 is offline).

But after installing sparkjs (npm install spark) when I’m using the sparkjs scripts like “list-devices.js” (I changed the “promise” var to my own user/pw)


I only get an empty list!

API call List Devices completed on promise resolve:  []

I have changed the baseUrl Setting in spark.js to point to my local server

this.baseUrl = '';

(and when I use a different ip, I get a timeout “EHOSTUNREACH”, so it connects to the local server).

What can I do to further debug this problem? Or do I miss something here or is this call not supported in the local server right now?


@solojavier or someone else might be able to give some quick inputs on this :wink:

I don’t know what the problem was - but it works now.

=> marked as “resolved”.