[Solved] Local cloud server problem - core connected, but not listed

I have set up a local cloud server (raspberryPi - because I need a setup without internet access) - and have added the keys so that the “spark core” connects, it shows up in the server screen:

Connection from:, connId: 9
on ready { coreID: '53ff75065075535129171787',
  ip: '',
  product_id: 0,
  firmware_version: 4,
  cache_key: '_8' }
Core online!

I also created an user account, changed my spark.config.json - and can login from my PC to the server with that account. I then claimed the core

  spark core add 53ff75065075535129171787

which succeeded. However, when I try

  spark cloud list

I get:

  Checking with the cloud...
  Retrieving cores... (this might take a few seconds)
  No cores found.

What can I do to debug this issue?


Did you point your Spark-cli to the local :cloud: ?

Try restarting main.js and see what happens


many thanks, Kenneth!

Yes, I pointed my spark-cli to the local cloud, but did not restart main.js.

restarting main.js did fix it…

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