Local cloud - Spark List [listDevices got error:]

Hi, tried to setup local cloud on my mac.
and at step 8, where it shares to list the connected sparks. I got the following.
error but if I list it out via spark serial list, it can find the core via serial.

➜  ~  spark serial list
Found 1 core(s) connected via serial:
1:	/dev/cu.usbmodemfd121

➜  ~  spark list
Checking with the cloud...
Retrieving cores... (this might take a few seconds)
listDevices got error:  { [Error: Parse Error] bytesParsed: 0, code: 'HPE_INVALID_CONSTANT' }
Potentially unhandled rejection [2] Error: Parse Error
    at Socket.socketOnData (http.js:1564:20)
    at TCP.onread (net.js:525:27)

I need some help because I’m not able to use spark CLI to find my list of spark core anymore.

Thank you so much.

One quick test might be to restart the nodejs app and see what happens.

It’s seems more like a spark-server setup issue somehow…

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