[Resolved]Doc improvement - a more clear explanation of safe mode

Now that I work more with Particle I came across an issue in the documentation. The Safe Mode aspect of Particle is unclear (at least for me). Since anyone can edit the documentation I decided to try and help out :slight_smile:

My improvement (at least in my mind) can be found here, but it it seams to be stuck in limbo.

If you think this improvement is worth sharing with everyone, help approve the commit or, if I’m wrong, then so bee it :slight_smile: I’ll accept the defeat ;).

I’m not sure if PRs for the docs require forum posts, especially when they’re being commented on already. I’ll respond on the PR, not here, since that helps keep things together.
Things will have to be checked before being approved, so you can’t expect an immediate update, though it normally shouldn’t take too long either.

Well it was hanging there for a while now. The is why I decided to put it here. Thank you for the replay on GitHub and sorry for the misunderstanding.

Well, it was given a tag about 24 hours ago, which isn’t too long ;)? No worries though, and thanks for your thoughtful contributions, keep 'em coming :)!