New documentation site

The new documentation site looks nicely structured and informative.

Congratulations to the Particle team for a job well done. Looking forward to getting my hands on the mesh processors.


Thanks @OziGreybeard, happy to hear you like the new look and structure.

Is there a means of reporting bugs or errors on the new documentaion.

I’ve spotted a minor bug on the Argon documentation. The link button is labled wrong:-

Might be nice to be able to give the feed back and trim the documents. I know there were inconsistances in the old docs that made for a bit of head scratching…


Heya, thanks for reporting that. You can, in fact, make pull requests on GitHub by clicking the “edit” button in the top right corner. In this case, I just changed it for you, but if you find anything else, or would like to contribute with content you think is helpful, please do make those requests!

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Hi Moors,

I don’t suppose I could ask were on github is the official repository to particle?

I did a quick search and found loads of ‘particle’ repro’s.



Give that one a shot :wink: (that will take you directly to the respective docs page on github)

This is the one though:


Ta for that,

Even though I’ve been using particle for years now, never spotted that…



Every day, and every… learning and getting better… (If you know the song)