ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand new documentation

A product like ours is only as good as its documentation. We went back and rebuilt our documentation from scratch to include a bunch of new content that’s easier to navigate.

Visit the new Docs

Let’s talk about some of the big new improvements here.

We’ve broken the documentation into sections: the Guide gives you tutorials to get you off the ground and teach you about the tools you have access to; Reference gives you complete reference documentation for all of our APIs and SDKs (firmware, Cloud API, Mobile SDK, etc.); Datasheets gives you complete documentation of all of the hardware that we sell; Support helps you with troubleshooting issues or problems with your order.

Search! Our documentation is now searchable so if you kinda-sorta know what you’re looking for, you won’t get lost.

We built a whole new Getting Started section that should make it easier to get off the ground if you’re new to the platform.

And last but not least, there’s a new section on How to Build a Product with Particle. If you’re using Particle to develop a product, this guide will walk you through all the steps from your first prototype to your mass manufactured product.

We think these new docs will make your experience with Particle more seamless. And if you disagree, fix our docs!

We welcome contributions to our firmware; you can edit every page by hitting the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right, which will let you write your edits in Markdown (Github account required). Or download the open source repository to make more complex changes and contributions.

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One suggestion I have for the development of the documentation, specifically the examples:

Give us a way of easily copying the entire code for a particular example. Currently they can span several pages and it’s tricky to copy the code into your editor.

Can we have a little ‘click to copy’ at the top of each section of code?


@Paranoid, you read my mind. This is actually on the top of a JIRA backlog for the docs. We were thinking about using zeroclipboard to do this.

Recent addition to the docs–

This section on how to contribute to the Particle stack goes over the different github repos that developers might find useful.