Is there a protocol for updating the Guide and Examples?

I have been primarily a shrink-wrap software kind of guy and deciding what is appropriate in this crowd-sourced environment is a bit outside my comfort zone.

Is there a protocol in place for discussing and fixing errors in the Photon Guide or Example Code and if so, what is it?

Or do I just punch the Edit button, hop over to GitHub, make my changes, and check them in?

You can have a middle ground of sorts - hop over to github and raise one or more issues.

You (and/or others) can issue pull requests (git-speak for modifications) against those issues, and the issues provide the structure to discuss/negotiate the fixes.

I know that pull requests are always welcome; but I also know that Particle is committed to making these docs the best they can be, so they are not just sitting back waiting for you (or others) to do their heavy lifting for them.

Get involved, hopefully you’ll find the experience liberating and rewarding.

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thank you!