Rename a product

Recently, Products became a free to use feature in the Particle Cloud.

My project is moving from a single device, to several, so I was very happy with this addition and started exploring.

I was just fidgeting, assuming I could change the name and as such my product name is not at all a good name for deploying my product. In the end I’d like multiple products, that all are a bit more distinctive and explanatory in their name.

Is it possible to change the name of a product or remove it altogether?

Hey @Len,

For now, shoot us a note at and we’ll take care of this for you.




Will do, on a side note I think it would be nice if we could add a description to each product. For example, my products will be deployed at different locations, but sometimes this location might change as well. As such, I’d like my product description to reflect this (or even the product name, if that would be implemented).

Hey Len,

A description is already part of the product creation process, we’d just need to expose functionality to edit after the fact :smile:.

Thanks for the great feedback!


Expect another email to Has the ability to edit the name of a product been implemented and I just can’t find it?

2018: Hey there, don’t be lazy and implement ability to edit a product name :grinning: