Removed libraries in src folder still remained in build location

I have been using visual studio code for building and flashing firmware for my particle board.
My projects are normally located under d:\particle_ws
I added libraries folder under \src folder in the project.
After a while, I removed un-necessary library folder in \src folder and the IDE gives me errors about incompatible functions still in the library I just removed.
I tried to clean the project but could not find it. In CLI there is no such command like “make clean”.
I finally found that Visual Studio code copies all the folders and files into
Even if I removed libraries in my source folder, above folder still has the old libraries in it and generates errors.
Simply removing all the files and build again remedied all the problems but I still don’t understand why I have to do it manually.
Is this common practice building particle project using visual studio code? or I am doing it wrong?
Any advice would be much appreciated.


How about these?

IIRC you’ll even get an automatic warning when you switch to a platform (from another) for which there already exists a “dirty” build and offers a one-click auto-clean.

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I didn’t notice such keywords exist!