Library Help - File Location?

Hi, all. Was just in the process of compiling my first project with the CLI using additional libraries. I am trying to get my head around where the libraries are supposed to reside within the project hierarchy. I managed to search for and download the libraries, but they are placed in a different file from the main project, and the compiler cannot find them.

Do they need to be copied and placed into another folder? The library folders were copied to my Particle–>Community folder, and my project resides in my Particle–>Projects folder.

A noob question to be sure, but in spite of all my searching I have been unable to find an understandable explaination. I am creating project for a Boron, and using OSX.

Appreciate any help.


When you run the particle library copy command from the path wher your file resides then the library files should be placed in the correct folder.
This would be adding a lib folder and under that the library would get its own subdirectory with all the files in it.

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