Issue creating library with Particle Workbench

I’m trying to create a library using this as a guide. The CLI created the structure properly, but I get Intellisense errors that .h files can’t be found. I did a “Particle: Audit Environment” on that project and a known working (non-library) project.

The main difference between the two is that the workspace:folders[] member is empty in the library project:

    "workspace": {
        "name": "mylib",
        "isWorkspace": false,
        "folders": []

I can hard code that section, but I’d like to have the tools produce it for consistency, etc. How can I get that section populated?

I don’t think there is a Workbench template for creating a library.
However, I’d just create a “helper” project, manually add a subfolder lib and then copy your CLI created library tree into that folder.
With that you can use the “helper” implementation in ./src to develop an example while using the .lib/<yourLib>/src files to work on the library itself.

Once you have library and example up and running you can copy the example .ino file to ./lib/<yourLibrary>/examples/<yourExample>/<yourExample.ino> and use CLI from ./lib/<yourLibrary> to particle library upload to the cloud.

This worked perfectly, thank you.