Creating a library in Workbench

I’d like to create (and upload when done) a library within Workbench. I don’t see a command in Command Palette so I use the CLI “particle library create” command in a subfolder in my main Particle folder.

I can open it in Workbench, but since the proper workspace environment wasn’t set up like it would be with a new project created within Workbench via Command Palette, Intellisense and possibly other environmental errors occur.

What is the proscribed method of creating a library within Workbench?

Not sure if this is the best way to do it, but it definetly works and is how I’ve done it:
Create your library as a project with one of the “future” example .ino files as main file and once done, redistribute the files as layed out in the file structure you got with particle library create (and fill the file as supposed to be).