Release of E series Eagle files?

Particle do you have an estimate when the eagle files will be released for the e series?

@wesner0019 It’s available here marked as E0.

I have it in KiCad format also.

I could only find the Eagle library file for the E series (under E0). I could not find the schematic for the E series. Am I looking in the wrong place?

Also the Eagle library for the E0 has some issues:
1.) The pins don’t align to the( 0.1" x 0.1") grid, which makes it nearly impossible to connect a wire.
2.) The grounding pads GND58-GND60 appear not to be enabled as pins in the library.

I have a version of the library with issue #1 fixed if you’d like me to send it.

The Datasheet is here:

Are you saying the footprint in Eagle has the pins spaced too closely?

It looks like there are Altium files for everything except for E Series in that link. Does anyone know if/when Altium files will be released for E Series? Thanks!

I thought they were all Eagle layout files.

Sorry, one directory up from that link:

. But the Altium folder hasn’t been updated with E0 like the Eagle folder has.

Hit up @mohit

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@mohit, any chance there’s an E-series addition to the Altium library on the horizon? Thanks!

We recently got a license for Altium, so should be able to create one in a jiffy. cc @peterqu


Great, thanks so much!

@peterqu @mohit—any updates on E-series Altium files? I’m very happy with my benchtop prototype which uses the Electron but am close to moving over to the E-series for a product and those Altium files would be hugely helpful! Thanks in advance!

Hello @supscientist
Thank you for reminding. I just added the libraries to the repository. It was created by @peterqu, but I took the liberty to add it as he is travelling right now.

Please let me know if it works out for you.



Fantastic! Thanks for the quick reply! Those look good so far and I’ll take a closer look over the coming days. Really appreciate it!

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Hi Mohit,
I’m looking for the 3D step file or the Solidworks file for the e-series part. I want to create my own footprint in Altium.

The files and pictures of the e-series look as though they are made with a 3D model. I will be happy to share my file/lib when I finish.


The E series documentation graphics were actually created and rendered in Adobe Illustrator (in 2D). We’d love to have someone create a 3D render (shout out to the community!! anyone?)


Hey @RWB, could you share the KiCad version of the E0?

Just upload the eagle files to SnapEDA and use their Eagle to Kicad converter tool.

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Well well well…that’s a lovely tool I didn’t know existed! Thanks Ryan!

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you’d have to make the design files for the module itself available for that to happen …