Reflashing Tinker makes app crash

Forgive me if this has been answered, but a search of the forum turned up nothing. When I try to reflash tinker by tapping the arrow next to my core’s name, the app instantly closes. Core is breathing and I can flash sketches to it with the web app. Any advice would be appreciated!

What app are you refering to?
Mobile Tinker App? (iOS, Android?)
Web IDE?
What arrow next to your Core’s name?

Could you maybe provide a screenshot or some other detail?

Assuming you’re using the mobile app; have you perhaps edited your OS in any way? Both rooting (android) and jailbreaking (iOS) can cause unexpected behaviour on your device. I’ve personally experienced some unexpected crashes after having jailbroken my iDevice. Often a reboot helps, so give that a try. In the mean time, you can flash this code with the web IDE to get Tinker back without having to reconfigure your network credentials.

iOS mobile app. Usually to reflash tinker, I click the arrow to the right of “Sparkee.” Now when I do that, the app closes.

Thanks! This works for what I am trying to achieve. I’m wondering now if my recent update to the latest iOS is causing trouble.

Reinstalling the app sometimes fixes the issues as well. It’d be great if you could give it a try :slight_smile:

Tried that to no avail. At this point, I’m just glad to have tinker control back. All I’m needing to do is turn my outdoor Christmas lights on and off using a PowerSwitch Tail.

I’m having the same problem with the Spark App on iOS. Tapping the arrow next to the core name in the list takes me back to the iOS home screen. The Spark app is still running, but I cannot get to the Reflash Tinker option as it closes the app instead. I’m running iOS 8.3 on iPhone 6, not jailbroken or modified in any way. I tried rebooting the iPhone and reinstalling the Spark app. Neither helped.

Any ideas?