Tinker App "There was a problem writing to this pin"

Hello all. So excited. Was playing with tinker app. Works great. Then wrote a blink code. Worked great too. Went back to tinker and can no longer play. I get the error above on subject line. I tried clearing out code and get same error. How can I get tinker code to work again? Thank you!

Have you tried use the ‘Reflash Tinker’ option in the Tinker app? Once you’ve uploaded the code, it replaces the code that talked to Tinker App.

So, if you would like to use Tinker app again, you’ll need to re-upload the Tinker source, which can be done via ‘Reflash Tinker’ in the app menu.

That’s where I’m confused. There is no reflash tinker app in the ios app it seems. Only clear “clear tinker” which only clears the pin currently set.

OMG found it. Would never have guessed to hit that arrow to find it of I wasn’t going crazy clicking everything possible. Oh well. All good now. Thank you!

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Ah awesome. Glad it worked out.

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What “arrow”?? I’m running into the same confusion. Thanks.

OK, found it as well. It’s in the Tinker app on the phone. Hit the “bookshelf”(?) icon on the upper left corner, swipe your core ID button to the left and you’ll see the reflash command.