Redbear Duo vs Photon firmware

I posted a question regarding the TCP lockup issue a few of us are experiencing in this post

Today I set up the same system I’ve been testing with using two Redbears. Previous test setups were with one Redbear and one Photon and two Photons, never two Redbears.

TCP communication appears to weather Wifi outages much better, where the photons freeze the redbears report errors but don’t freeze. It’s only been running for a day but I’ve had to reset the Photons 3 times so far, no resets on the Redbears.

That got me thinking, since the firmware for Redbears is at 3.1 and hasn’t been updated for a while, what does that approximately equate to in the Photon firmware? Or is that just comparing apples and oranges? I’m thinking if I roll the firmware back to an earlier version the Photons might behave equally stable when using TCP.

Joerg Seiler

IIRC RedBear 0.3.1 was based on 0.6.1-rc.3 (according to this issue report).


I’ll give this a try and see if there is equally stable TCP performance.

As I side note, 1 minute to get a reply, wow, gotta love the Particle forums!! :heart_eyes:


On a somewhat sad note, this was another rabbit hole leading nowhere.

Although the redbears seem less prone to locking up they unfortunately still do.

I’ll consider this thread closed and will continue to follow @Elco and @avtolstoy as they are chasing this thing with much better tools and at a level that is beyond my area of expertise.