RedBear Bluetooth only

So I got a RedBear Duo today and have enjoyed it for the most part so far. Getting it associated with the Particle cloud could have been a bit more intuitive but I’m sure that will come with time and compatibility added to the Particle app maybe :slight_smile:

I flashed some code onto the Duo from Build which enabled Blynk control of 6 relays and 6 digital input monitoring. Setup the Blynk app for connection to the Duo over Bluetooth and away we go. Phone is connected via Bluetooth to the Duo and I can turn relays on and off and monitor inputs(no Wifi required). That was fun to get working in less than 1 hour.

Next question is if I am going to install this think in a location where only Bluetooth is viable(No WiFi) like at a gate or in a vehicle what system mode can I run it in so Bluetooth works but not WiFi? I tried System_Mode Manual but that shut down Bluetooth and WiFi(not quite what I would have expected. Has anyone done anything with this yet?

This might be better answered at the Redbear forum :wink: