RedBear Duo Pricing

I have been trying to find a clear answer, also contacted the RedBear Bear, at the same time thought to ask nice and helping people on this group. Anyone know about clear pricing structure of RedBear Duo if we are managing this via particle cloud ?
I hear upon commercialise a product, they are charging 2 USD flat on each device ? No repetitive fee ? Not saying i mind paying a monthly fee but just asking :slight_smile:
Anyone had issues with this device ? Like general feedback ? Works like a charm ?

Hi @Omer,

Then you should ask on the Redbear forum, they have one here.
They charge 2 USD only once (when you purchase), but for commercial use you must pay a fee to Bluekitchen (duo’s BLE stack supplier). What about this fee ? I don’t know yet.
However, I can tell you: I am working with duo since some month, and it’s working.

Beware: at the moment Particle cloud isn’t 100% compatible with Duo or other Photon derivatives (they call them “compounds”), so you can’t group a fleet of duos into a product and manage it. Still, you can use Particle cloud to flash and pub/sub.


Thanks @duffo64, i definitely now know more :slight_smile: