Reclaiming released Core


I have an interesting problem and need some help.

I have two separate accounts and a custom firmware in the Core.

This is the use case scenario:
I claim the Core with account nr 1.
While claimed i run a function on the Core that dows this: WiFi.clearCredentials() and System.reset()
That makes the Core clear all stored WIFI credentials and restarts the Core, it will then start up in listening mode blinking blue since there are no credentials stored.

After that I use the CLI to “unclaim” the core from account nr 1.

So now the Core should be in limbo… Unclaimed and in listening mode.

I then start the Core iOS app with account nr 2 and try to find the Core, but nothing… It is impossible to claim this Core again using another account. This Core is now impossible to Claim with either accounts unless I use a USB cable to claim it.

Any ideas why this would happen?


Enter the wifi credentials in Listening mode and when it goes online (breathing cyan), you will be able to claim it using the device id.

Hi kennethlimpc

But that defeats the purpose, or?

I would like to be able to hand one Core over to a friend after I have had it for a while and just have the new user being able to claim it via the usual Smart Config method and the iOS app.

To enter the credentials would mean the new user would have to connect via USB to enter that while in listening mode and then claim it in the app.

How does my scenario differ from a brand new Core that just shows up in the app ready for claiming when it starts up. It should be completely released from my account nr 1 I would think.


I’m totally not sure what you are asking about though.

If you want to pass it to a friend, simply unclaim it and perform a factory reset. Done.

They can use the Mobile app or USB to send in wifi credentials as then claim it.

Well, that is just what I want to avoid. A factory reset will wipe out my custom firmware.
We are looking into a commercial project based on the Core and then the custom firmware is crucial.


Simply load your custom firmware as the factory reset firmware.

If you have Spark-cli installed, the command is spark flash --factory name__of.bin

Hi again

That would of course be one alternative, but what I cant make sense of is why does my method fail.
I have released it from the Cloud account and cleared the wifi credentials,put the Core into listening mode, why cant I find it in the iOS app then?