Re-visioning with cloud IDE

Is it possible to do re-visioning with the cloud IDE. or do you have to use the desktop IDE and use something like GIT HUB desktop?

Also, do I need to use the desktop IDE or does the cloud IDE cover all the features? I want to create small modules and use them in my app (include). The cloud IDE seems a little complicated for this. Is the desktop version better for this or can i do everything in the cloud IDE just fine?

Versioning tools are, unfortunately, not yet available for the Web IDE. With Particle Dev, you should be able to find plugins for this, or something like Git directly.

The Web IDE does allow for creation of libraries, and most community libraries can be accessed from there. You can add your own if you like. Depending on how many files you’re planning on using for that, you might find Particle Dev to be more convenient though.

thank you Moors7, i think i’ll switch to the desktop IDE then, thank you

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