Raspberry Pi Zero w/IoT Hat (No Connectivity)

From what I can tell right after I try and initialize my particle agent it seems to drop my connectivity altogether; I will assume this is because particle automatically seizes control of all the I/O pins? Is there any way to stop this from happening on pins that are needed for my wifi connectivity to work?

Have you considered getting a Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless? It’s only $10 and it works considerably well with Particle.

are you using redbear hat?

Yes dkryder.

And nrobinson; I already have the RPI zero and hat, so I don’t feel like spending more right now… And also they’re impossible to find.

an issue similar was reported in dec.

maybe newer firmware has fixed the issue, i don’t know.

I’ve already tried getting to most recent, etc and have been through 6 iterations of trying.

Based on the discussion here, I’m planning on changing the behavior of the pin initialization on the Raspberry Pi. Thanks for the feedback!


Check Raspberry Pi: Pre-release firmware with improved pin initialization to try the new behavior.

Somewhat problematic for me, since my rpi zero is a truely headless build so once the network goes down I can’t do anything.

But I moved onto using a photon instead.

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