Raspberry Pi Development Resources


@will that’s actually what I was thinking as I was looking though the project. I will give it a go. Thank you.


@will Ohhhh. Maybe for a weekend project I could fork the code and see about getting it up and running on an Onion Omega. Would love to have those in the Particle Cloud.


Absolutely! If you all are interested in moving forward with those projects, I can help connect you to the folks internally that can provide additional info for porting the particle-agent over to other Linux hardware platforms.


I’m definitely interested in taking a look. Omega has done some cool stuff for remote Linux management but doesn’t have the device firmware and inter-device ecosystem that Particle has.


@jvanier might be able to give you some high level pointers, although we’re just about to break for the holidays at the end of next week, so things are a little hectic around here! Please be patient with a response :slight_smile:


No worries, I appreciate any direction you can provide. If I don’t hear from anyone before then, Happy Holidays!


@sidwarkd let me know how you do. I am just starting to play around to get the agent onto a CHIP by next things.


Will do @Tomforti. I just got a shipping notice that my Omega2 is on the way. Hopefully it gets here soon as I’m off the next week and am hoping to put some time in on this. Let me know if you come across any useful info as you move forward on CHIP.


@sidwarkd any luck with the Omega2?


Unfortunately not. The shipping notice was almost 6 weeks before I actually got the Omega2 and by then my hack holiday time had passed. I did try to take a passing glance at it later when I realized that it needs Ruby to run. That would require additional setup on the Omega.