Questions about the Grove Starter Kit for Particle Mesh

Thank you for reading my Question.

I have one question.

“The Grove Starter Kit does not include the Particle Development Board. You will need to purchase Particle Mesh Argon or Boron to ship with this kit.”

It is written that, but is it not good with Xenon? Is there anything wrong with Endpoint [Sensor + Xenon]?

【Supplementary information】
I will also purchase Particle Mesh 2G / 3G Bundle at the same time.

【System configuration to be realized】
I get data from Endpoint [Sensor + Xenon], process it with Boron or Argon, and then create a system that will operate Endpoint [Xenon + Actuator [motor, pump, etc …]]

Thank you.

@ooohiroyukiooo, I am using this board with a Xenon without any problems. Perhaps @rickkas7 or @ScruffR can confirm?

I haven’t run into issues with the Grove sensors I tested so far either.

But to me it’s not fully clear what you are after.
By defaut the Xenon is not meant to be used standalone, it is designed to be used as “client” node in a mesh network which is usually pulled up by a gateway (Argon or Boron or Xenon+Ethernet FeatherWing).

However, with some tweaks you can setup a Xenon in some “test flight” mode but will lack the mesh and cloud features that are two of the unique features the Particle platform provides.

@ScruffR, I believe the OP wants to use the Grove expansion board with a Xenon to act as a sensor node on an Argon or Boron mesh. The description of the board only states, as the OP indicated:

You will need to purchase a Particle Mesh Argon or Boron to accompany this kit.

I believe the OP wants to know it the Xenon will work as well.

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I see - then: Yes

It might be poor wording, but for the default (not “test flight”) use, the minimum you need would be an Argon or a Boron, otherwise you’d need a Xenon plus one of the following [ Argon | Boron | Ethernet FeatherWing ].

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@peekay123, @ScruffR, Thank you for replying question.

【Reference configuration】

There are three system configuration candidates that I want to realize.

This question is in the red letter [Endpoints:Sensor + Xenon].
This Endpoints [Sensor + Xenon] is not stand-alone.

I wondered if Sensor + Xenon can be used outside of stand-alone, and asked a question.

In summary, it is possible to use the Grove starter kit for particle mesh as non-standalone endpoints ([Sensor + Xenon]). Also, is it possible to send data to that Endpoints: Repeater & Gateway [Argon or Boron]?