Question about safe mode


First, I wanted to say thank you for supporting the newbies. I just got my particle Boron yesterday and I am very excited to start to develop projects.

My question is about the safe mode.

I got the firmware installed and followed all the steps in the guide below. I got to blink the led as the example, so all good until here.

When I want to flash the second code of this example (the one with the photo resistor), I get a message saying that is ok but my Boron does not receive it.

I need to get into safe mode every time when I need to flash a new program into my Boron LTE.

Is this normal or should I be capable to flash my programs without the need the get into the safe mode? getting into the safe mode kinda defeats the purpouse to operate remotely.

Thanks a lot for your guidance!

It very much depends on the code that is running on your device when reflashing.
The samples are often primarily meant to illustrate fundamental concepts but not necessarily best practice with regards to OTA updates :wink:

The samples often contain longish delays which may make OTA updates difficult as they also slow down the cloud response time for updates.

Try to flash some code that does not trap the code flow for extended periods and see if OTA updates get more reliable that way.