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Hi everyone, I’m inexperienced in photon and I wanted to know an opinion from you who surely know a lot more than me. I wanted to create a project for school using photon. I wanted 2 scales connected to the photon to communicate their status on my website (there is something on the scale / there is nothing on the scale) and as these states changed, the site was updated below. I wanted to know if someone could give me a general idea on the feasibility of the project and how to get to know this world. Thank you [Italian Student]

Hi @Alessandro, could you explain more? What do you mean by scales?

Particle Technical Support

weight scale
like this:

Yes, this is doable. Assemble this (Photon + RS232 TTL connector): Serial Tutorial (scroll down to ‘Interfacing with RS232 Devices’). You might have to set up 2 of these (one per scale).

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