Question about growth blocks

I would also like some more information on how these blocks work. Do the free part always exist? How does this work if you have some wifi and some cell? These seams that it could get very expensive if we do not fill up each bucking.

Yes – your Sandbox is tied to your individual user account, so you still have access to it (along with your 100K free Data Operations) once you upgrade to the Growth account for ongoing R&D and development.

So what if we have 60 wifi and 50 cell. Will I have to buy a full block of wifi and a full block of cell? If that is to low and in the free area still then 160 wifi and 150 cell. Then what if I wanted to add the tracker option? Will that be another huge block?

Pricing in the Growth plan is intended to align with businesses scaling their platforms out. In the example you use - with 60 Wifi & 50 cell you would go over the Free plan and would choose what devices to move to the Growth plan. Depending on your business and what you migrated you would choose the blocks to purchase. If you are scaling your business on wifi - and migrate some wifi devices to Growth, then you would purchase a wifi block to cover the usage of those devices in the Growth plan. If you happened to scale on wifi & cellular, then you would purchase one block of each.
We see most customers choose to scale on a single platform. I’d love to talk to you more about your business case & understand how this impacts you - I see you messaged me, so will respond there.