Announcing Particle's Growth Plan for Startups and Scaling Businesses

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At Spectra earlier in the year, we unveiled a new pricing model for Particle customers that included new Free, Growth, and Enterprise plans based on Data Operations. We’re pleased to announce that Particle’s new Growth plan, our usage tier for startups and small businesses, is officially available.

What is the Growth Plan?

Particle’s Growth plan is a flexible service plan designed to help small businesses and startups scale their IoT deployments without negotiated contracts or usage commitments. Customers purchase blocks of platform usage for Wi-Fi, Cellular or Tracker devices that provide 720K Data Operations/month and support for 100 additional devices. Blocks can be ramped up or down as needed each month to meet the variable needs of quickly growing or seasonal businesses. Growth plan customers can easily monitor their Data Operations usage on their Billing and Usage page.

A screenshot of the Growth Plan Billing & Usage pageThe Growth plan billing page

Growth Plan Benefits

The Growth plan offers the following benefits to customers who are scaling their businesses:

  1. No limits on data operations or devices – customers can purchase the “blocks” they need on a monthly basis to meet their business needs.
  2. Access to the wholesale store to purchase devices in bulk.
  3. Prioritized responses to technical support inquiries.
  4. Easy payment via credit card

How Do I Sign Up for the Growth Plan?

Customers can sign up for the Growth plan at any time by going to our upgrade page and submitting their email address. After reviewing your information, a Particle representative will reach out within 1 business day to kick off a white-glove migration service to help identify the devices, products, and blocks required to complete your migration and orient you to the platform capabilities you’ll have access to as a Growth customer.

The upgrade link can also be found in the Billing & Usage section of your Sandbox account, as well as the pricing page on our website.

What Other Changes Will I See?

Starting today, all customers will receive notifications via email and in the Console when they reach 70% and 90% of their Data Operations

Free Plan customers who exceed their allotment of 100K Data Operations per month limits will be notified and given 3 business days to upgrade to a paid service plan (Growth or Enterprise) to avoid service interruptions. For more information, read our documentation here.

We hope this plan gives small businesses an easier and more flexible way to scale going forward. For further information please check out our Pricing FAQ or reach out to us on our Community forums!

Hi Guys @schaud ,

This type of change in plans is not what we were looking for, considering the fact that there’s no way we can really check a data consumption breakdown per device in your sandbox.

I have been trying to upgrade the plan since 3 days ago and still no answer from your team, today we are receiving calls from our clients asking us “what’s going on with the systems”.

Please advise at your earliest convenience, since this is unacceptable specially when this is impacting our clients.

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I agree. I can understand the need to change to a data operation meter instead of a total data as the meter but Particle needs to provide a way to better obtain insights into data operations by device. I made reference to other customers saying the same here: Growth Plan and Data Ops limits for Free Plan go live September 8 - #2 by jgskarda

Even if we had some sort of MVP type portal into the data similar to this except counting data operations would be sufficient for me: Cellular data usage | Tools | Particle

Hi mr_3r -
Thanks for the feedback.
Re: the plan upgrade, you should hear from us either today or tomorrow, if you haven’t heard from us already (feel free to DM me the email you submitted and I can follow up). Rest assured, we won’t be making changes to your account if you’re in the process of upgrading.

If you are seeing system issues - especially impacting your clients - please reach out to our customer support team. Your account should not be affected yet by being over the Free plan limits, so it’s likely something else.

Last, I hear your feedback re: the data consumption by device (and jgskarda’s) as well and will likely follow up offline with both of you.


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Hey guys, I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone to upgrade to the growth plan but haven’t gotten any information back. Is there a way to upgrade currently? The only option I’ve found is contact sales which is for the enterprise level way above my needs. I’ve put in my personal account and my work email in the email address window and have heard absolutely nothing back.


Hi Caleb, we received your request and our team should have responded by now - if you haven’t seen it, mind just letting me know via DM (after checking your junk mail)? I’ll reach out separately to work out how we can improve the process.


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