Python subsystem on Argon

Hi All,
We have a project that are currently designing/programming.
We would like to give our customers a facility to program some simple functions to co-inside with our code, however we do not want to reveal or hand out our code.

What i would really like is to embed MicroPython and allow our customers upload python code which interacts with our code.

Perhaps there is an alternative way, which we are happy to explore.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Micropython has been ported to the Xenon, and should function on the Argon, but I don’t believe WiFi is working. You won’t be able to access the Particle cloud with Micropython though. DeviceOS and Micropython cannot run simultaneously.

You could consider a config “file” that the users can edit, which your device then pulls from the cloud.

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@cmatkin -

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Just a thought, IF you are happy to connect via USB and IF you can still get hold of them, Xenons might not be a bad way to go as they are quite a bit cheaper than Argon. If you are going lose WiFi on Argons anyway as @no1089 mentioned , I do not see much need for spending the extra cash :slight_smile:

well… my 2 cents worth anyway :slight_smile:

Regards, Friedl!

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Hi @cmatkin

The Adafruit CircuitPython flavor of MicroPython is available for Xenon and Argon–I have used both. The WiFi works.

Note that this path takes you away from the Particle ecosystem and cloud, so you would be giving up some things like the Particle cloud.

The Argon port works great but you do have to reprogram not just the nRF chip but also the ESP32 as well using a special boot loader, but it is pretty easy. CircuitPython is moving away from combo nRF+ESP32 where the ESP connection is over serial (as it is on Argon) since the new Adafruit boards use SPI instead.


Hi Guys,
Thanks for the information.
Whilst I could change the core firmware away from Particle and to Python, I’m wanting to keep the Particle core code and are wanting a facility to only give the end users ability to write custom program on top of our code.

The only option then would be a config file of some sorts - I’m guessing it’s for changing timing/settings etc.

Yep. My device has approx 24 inputs/outputs of various types and I was want the ability for the customer to easily add in IF, IF NOT, AND, OR type scenarios.
I came across this
which may come in use.
Otherwise I’ll have to code it into the app,
Kind regards

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