Adding WIFI support to a Xenon

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This was done as as proof of concept to see if we could get a Xenon WIFI enabled. To do this I re-purposed a spare ESP32 board (LILYGO TTGO) and ported over the argon-ncp-firmware to it. Subsequently I ported over parts of the Argon ESP32 networking code into the Xenon firmware. After weeks of effort final got the Xenon to connect to the cloud. More details here if of interest. Also learnt a fair bit about the networking protocol and how it connects to the cloud.


So… you made an Argon :see_no_evil:?
Nice ;)!


Yep, considered it a ‘pop up’ Argon. I can re-purpose the EPS32 later if need be.


Just curious, what’s the motivation for this?


I assume to see if he could. Obviously there isn’t any use for it but it shows that different firmware can be loaded and he learned about the networking protocol. I would say just a cool learning experience.