Programming language for Argon?

Hello, I purchased an Argon Kit because I read that it supports Python. But I can’t find any info about that. Where can I find information about using Python with the Argon?

Thank you for your help!!

@iface, not sure where you read that Argon supports Python but that is not the case. The Argon and all Mesh devices use C/C++ for development, based somewhat on the Arduino Wiring framework. Perhaps what you read was referring to using Python on your own server for accessing the Particle Cloud?

Python is not supported on the Argon or any Particle device as @peekay123 mentions. You may have read this post on Adafruit’s blog:

However, if you put circuit python on any Particle Mesh device, you will not get any support from Particle on that setup. You also lose Over-the-Air programming updates and access to the Particle cloud.


Hey Peekay123, Thanks for the help.

I’ll have to look for the site, on my computer back in the office. It’s a bummer your gear looks very cool, but C++ isn’t going to work for us. Looks like I have a hardly used Argon kit with debug unit for sale cheap.

Why specifically won’t C++ work for you?

Particle’s implementation of C++ is very stable and supported by Particle and the developer community.

I find C++ to be very sufficient for developing applications on Particle’s hardware.

It is also documented very thoroughly: