Problems with Internet Button case

Was super excited about the Internet Button but was very disappointed with the design of the casing. First, the back has no plate so it’s not clear how to mount it to anything like the wall. Would love some ideas on how to fix this.

Second, the top clear plastic case does not attach to the rest of the Internet Button. Nothing clips in so the top case will just fall off. Curious how other have dealt with this.


I’m working on a design to remedy both of these issues. I want to mount mine to a wall with some 3M command strips. I eventually want to wire in some sensors and relays, so working out getting those wires into a case with affecting the push-buttons may be a challenge.

If you have access to a 3D printer, I can share the files with you (when I finish with the design).

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I almost forgot! There is a hole in the middle of the board (underneath the Photon) that could possibly be used with a screw into a wall to mount it. That still leaves the clear bubble part coming off, but it’s a start in the right direction!

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The back being exposed is very poor design. I am not sure how to mount it to anything. Any suggestions?

When you remove the Photon and the white plastic cover, you’ll see a central mounting hole.

BTW: It’s not encouraged to double-post! That’s why I’ve moved this over from the other thread.

I have a printer! Would be great to see what you come up with!

Everybody is allowed a personal opinion, but this generalized statement does not seem to take into consideration that the intended use might have been a different one (as pronounced by the creator of this product - not me ;-)).

And as @wgbartley has taken on, everybody is encouraged to activly improve products or give constructive feedback.

BTW: To avoid any misunderstandings - I’m not affiliated to :particle: Particle and am not speaking for them officially :sunglasses:

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I have not forgotten about this. When I turned on my printer this weekend, there was a very loud :boom: POP :boom:, and the power supply died. Hopefully I’ll be back up and running later this week.

Sorry to hear that! Hope you get it alive soon!

I am working on a mount also. Need a new cover that is flat, so I can add a sticker that puts the leds into context for the user. Also working on a wall mount. Going the snap fit approach.

Happy to share files when done.

Can you send me yours? How did it turn out?


I’m looking to create my own case too. Is it possible to share your model ?


I finally fixed my printer and purchased more filament. I was able to finish the design/print! It looks like there’s a collection of Internet Button prints going on at: