Internet Button Case & Slack Alerts

Hey Everyone!

I’m finishing up a project I was recently working on to make an Internet Button that would post to Slack. I posted a walkthrough on my company’s website:

I also designed a case that could mount vertically on a wall. The source files are included in the walkthrough. I used some of the ideas in this thread: Printable Case for Internet Button. The wall side mounts to the little squares on the buttons. The top dome mounts to the outside edge of the PCB.

Shout out to Particle and the forums for making writing the software a breeze. Also, shout out to whoever made the dashboard. I was configuring webhooks with the CLI before. Switching to the dashboard was much easier and cut the length of my walkthrough in half.


Thanks for sharing this! How is your mounted button holding up?

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It still works well! There are a few things I would change if I did more iterations. In particular I didn’t leave room for easy access to the setup/reset buttons. So when I downloaded firmware that accidentally locked up the WiFi it was a bit of a struggle to fix it.
Otherwise, it’s been a great project. People still actively use the button to keep track of fresh brew. Thanks for checking in!


That’s great to here, let us know if you ever make any additions to it!