Problems of Installing the USB Driver on Windows & Serial Debugging

Hi Could anyone answer my problems?

I have a problem to installing the USB Driver for Core. My operation system is 64-bits windows. I followed the procedure of the website:
Installing the USB Driver on Windows & Serial Debugging. When I reach this step, there is no other device in the device manager, which shows in the pictures. ch the

Is the Core in Listening mode (blinking blue)?

If I’m not mistaken, you have to issue Serial.begin(); in your program before the serial port shows in Device Manager.

@brianw13a, listening mode is activated by pressing the Mode button on the Core until the LED starts flashing blue. Another way to have the Serial port activate is exactly as you said and to put Serial.begin() in you code. :smile:

Yes it is in blue blinking mode. My computer is Windows7 ultimate.

If there’s no new devices detect in Listening mode…i would say that the cable might be faulty and try another one.

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Thanks for everyone’s help! Problems solved. New user should follow the basic rules. The chip cannot only be detected by using the USB cable, which is provided by the product manufacturer. The problem is caused by using different USB cable.

Ah yes, I’ve been bitten by the USB cables that don’t have DATA LINES in them as well. They are typically sold with cheap things that just need to be charged, like a micro quadcopter.