Problem with Online Status and Want to Claim again after remove device

I have some problem with my photon, i have claim first while the first time i unboxing my photon, there is no problem until i flashing some program with IDE, and after that my photon was not connected yet but breathing cyan. Then i check with particle list my photon was offline, until didnt know the right way to make my photon online again. I type on the CLI, particle remove device. After that i try to setup again and hope can claim again and connecting properly with online connectivity. But now, i’ve no ide how to claim again because when setup process was problem when verify device ownership. Please help me.
Thank you,

Put it in DFU mode, and in the CLI, use ‘Particle update’, followed by ‘Particle flash --usb tinker’ (both in DFU mode). Then try ‘Particle setup’ again.