PRIVATE event appearing in PUBLIC firehose?

I’m using this in my firmware:

Spark.publish("test-status", "led-completed", 60, PRIVATE);

and looking at the public events via Spark-CLI, spark subscribe, i noticed that the event appeared in the list as well.

1.) Am i using it wrongly or it appeared due to me being login to my account?

2.) Does it appear on the Public firehose (i presume a yes) since spark subscribe is essentially listing only public events?

Spark subscribe is using your key (access token) so I think you get to see it but no one else does. I listened for that event name and didn’t see any after a few minutes.

@Dave would know for sure!

It’s not publishing now :smiley:

Trying to hack my FRAM testing jig to send results via Spark.publish instead of Serial.print() to demonstrate a wireless testing feature. :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

You have to be logged in to get any of the event streams, and those streams -for you- will always include your private events as well. If you’re worried and want to test, try making another account, and subscribing with that one, and search for your private events. :slight_smile: