Is this endpoint supposed to show all public events?

I am trying to see all the events that my cores are publishing using this :

However… I seem to be getting more events from other cores! Not only mine… I saw stuff like kilowatts and temperature, things I don’t publish from anywhere… In fact to test i disconnected all my cores and still saw the event stream happening!

Is this normal behavior?

Is there an endpoint to only see events published by my devices without knowing all of my core ids?

The core can publish public events viewable by anyone.

You can choose to publish privately instead and the documentations have thay covered. :wink:

Hi @frlobo,

That url you’re hitting is the public “firehose.” There should be some more details / descriptions about that here:

edit: edited the title to reflect the topic a bit more closely


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Wow! sorry about that… And thank’s for the clarification!

No worries, I appreciate you checking! :slight_smile: