Pricing plan Event numbers

Maybe a dumb question but on the pricing structure it is written as 1K devices & 10MM events/m . Could someone confirm why this notation is used as far as I’m concerned MM is a silly financial notation for million, engineers use M for Mega so we could interpret it as 10 Billion…

Apparently it has a Latin origin:,000,000

Furthermore, you’re dealing with finances, so it’d make sense to use those terms. Also, MM (MegaMega) doesn’t make sense in an engineering point of view, whereas it obviously does in finances (seeing as you interpreted that correctly).

If you want to nitpick, “1K” would be 1 Kelvin, from an engineering perspective. Again, since you’re not in the engineering context, it’d make sense to interpret it as a thousand.

Well yes it would oh nitpicker :wink: .
However MM would only apply to currency and that is not how it is used here. More to the point I had to google it to discover that obscure notation, we’re not Romans the western world has long since abandoned using Roman numerals for any other than sticking the date on a nice building. I’ve never seen MM used in print myself, m is far more common a notation encounter if reading an article that mentions money. e.g
This number however is not about money is about a number of events, one M should suffice.

On a different note I can’t help but think the default effective number of events per device is way too low;322 events/day. I know you can negotiate more but there should be an illustrative price/tier up there from the getgo that covers every unit updating at least once/minute.