Previously stable Electron apps now getting compilation errors

Electron apps and the Web IDE. This morning. Compilation error … ‘CellularSignal’ does not name a type.


Have you made sure that your target device is an electron? Normally this type of error means that you are not targeting the correct type of device.

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How would that have suddenly changed for all my Electron apps?

@WoobaGooba, the app does not dictate the target. The target is manually selected separately :wink:


Make sure you ‘star’ an Electron:

I have several Electrons. Just staring one of them sets the target for all?

I did confirm all the electron’s (proper) target designations did not change.

The code compiles for the type of device you’ve got selected at the time you press the compile button. So yes, selecting any Electron should make sure your code compiles for an Electron. Mind you that it also compiles for the version of user firmware you select.

Selecting them would mean compiling for an Electron device, at the version that’s selected for that specific device.


OK thanks. No idea how this suddenly went wrong. But its working now. Cheers