Cellular functions gone from web IDE

Hi there. I have some code in an .INO file that uses cellular functions for my Electron board in the web IDE. It was working yesterday, but this morning it can’t find any of the cellular functions (Cellular.*), almost like it’s lost a header file. Since this is background magic, rather than anything I do directly, I’ve no idea how to fix it. The code is exactly the same as the local backup cope of the code that I made last night, so I don’t believe I’ve done anything.

I’ve tried clearing the cache and logging out and in again, all to no avial.


Make sure your Electron is selected as your build target. Click on the Devices icon (circle with little lines) and make sure your Electron has a gold star to the left of it.

Aaaaaah. That’s the bunny. Thank you. Very confusing when I have no intention of OTAing the code.

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But you still intend to build, so you need to tell the build farm what you will be building for.
You could choose any Electron from your list, but it must be an Electron to have the cellular capabilities, on the other hand you won’t find any of the WiFi capabilities on the Electron, for that you’d need to select a WiFi device.

So not really confusing, but logical.
The selected device informs the build farm about the intended target device’s capabilities and hence the buildfarm knows what to allow or forbid (regardless of the way how the binary will find its way onto the device).

That should be a stylized cross hair target :dart:


True, though in that case I’d expect a pull down for target type and then the devices I could OTA the build to would be automatically selected. Instead the GUI needs me to select a specific device, from which it implies my target type, which seemed counter-intuitive to the non-OTAers who don’t care which device it is.

Anyway, all sorted now, thanks.

That might be true if you have a heterogenic device list, but there are people who have a bulk of devices and even in one device category different firmware versions and instead of having to select the device category and the target firmware version and then do the same thing again if I want to OTA as well, I’d rather go with the one-click approach: Select the device and be done