Functions not showing up on app or web?

I’ve made changes to my code that compile and seem to be functioning properly, however there are several functions that showed up before and are no longer showing up on either the phone app or the device console?

Does anyone know what could cause this?

I’ve read through the entire code and don’t see my mistake, it compiles with no errors and flashed to the electron successfully.

Do you have some delay between the initial connect and the Particle.function() calls?

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If you’re hoping we could spot a mistake, it would help if we had your code to look at, otherwise it’s going it be a guessing game, which I’m not sure many of us are up for :wink:

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That was it!

To be clear… simply moving “t.begin();” to after the function statements in setup fixed the problem.

I must have moved it to the first line in setup yesterday and didn’t realize it was a mistake.

Many thanks as always!

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Thanks for your reply,

No, I was not expecting you to review my code or guess what my mistake was, but rather was looking for someone who knew “possible” common mistakes.

ScruffR was able to give me the tip that helped me figure it out.

Thanks again

So, in essence, guess for mistakes that could cause those issues :wink: ?

Understood that that was the intention. This time you (or rather we) got lucky that the first suggestion was the right one (as we’ve encountered this before), but if we have to start listing everything someone could’ve done wrong in his code that could lead to issues, that would take many times longer than if we were able to take a look at it quickly.
In general, if you suspect issues with your code, please post that code. In the same sense that “a picture says more than a thousand words”, it is also true that “you actual code says more than a thousand vague descriptions of said code and its issues”. When it comes to debugging issues we can’t see, there’s no such thing as too much information.


My bad, I assumed this was a common mistake that would receive a quick tip rather than any effort on anyone’s part.

My apologies